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How Much Protein In Chicken Breasts

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Persons trying to remain fit and follow a healthy lifestyle are always looking to have a balanced diet full of protein. Especially when the aim is to develop some muscles, protein is necessary as protein is an important component of the body. Our hair, nails, and muscle need protein to grow and also to repair and build new muscles, protein plays a part. Protein helps to lose weight and develop new healthy muscles.

Chicken breasts; a great source of protein:

There are a number of sources of getting protein in your diet including eggs, seafood, soy, and beans but chicken is a great source of protein. For non-veg people, having chicken breast is easy than another thing as it can easily be indulged in the diet. But the question here is how much protein in chicken breast.

How many grams of protein in a chicken breast?

The question of how much protein in chicken breast is trending and important not only for bodybuilders but health-conscious persons too. According to a number of reports the skinless chicken breast which weighs about 172 grams have around 54 grams of protein in chicken breast and hence chicken has 30- 31 grams of protein in chicken breast per 100 grams.

  • Protein per 100 gm.: 31-33 gm.
  • Calories: 285-290
  • Carbohydrates: 0 gm.

Hence a chicken breast usually has 285 calories and 165 calories per 100 grams. These calories include the calories from fats too which comprises 20% of the total. The reason why chicken breast is famous among bodybuilders and health-conscious people is the high protein in chicken breast and low calories. It means that you can eat chicken without consuming more calories.

1 large chicken breast contains enough amount of RDA of niacin which will boost the energy of the body and also generate the energy in the body from the entire foods you eat in a day. This will keep the entire systems including the nervous and digestive system healthy and fit. Also, chicken breasts are low in fat making them ideal for bodybuilders too to develop lean muscles.

Not only are an excellent source of protein but chicken breasts rich in vitamins and minerals too. Chicken breasts contain phosphorous and selenium. Phosphorous aids in building bones and teeth.

How much protein should you eat in a single day?

Protein serves its purpose in maintaining the body for a longer period of time. Protein boosts up your energy level and keeps you fit for longer. However, everybody has different needs for protein according to their body size. Protein requirements are generally based on the body weight of the person. If you plan to reduce the weight then you should increase the protein consumption by 50%. This will aid you to lose weight easily. Consume 0.54 to 0.68 grams of protein per pound of your body.

The next question is how much protein in chicken breast and how much chicken should you eat in a single day?

Chicken as already described is a healthy source of protein. You should limit your red meat consumption and choose lean meat instead. You should eat 450 to 550 grams of chicken per day to set a moderate diet. However, don’t only consume chicken but other sources of proteins too to keep your body function properly.

Also, different cuts are for different purposes. By knowing how much protein in chicken breast one must know the situation when to eat the chicken breast and how to eat it? Like if you’re trying to gain lean muscles and lose weight you must eat chicken breasts. Because breasts are the leaner part of the chicken. it means that you are having a diet low in calorie and high in protein.

How to cook chicken breasts effectively:

Chicken must be cooked well to avoid poisoning of food. Also cooking thoroughly ensure the killing of bacteria in your food. Also, reports suggest that a healthy way to cook food is to poach. Poaching is the healthiest way because you only add water in it to boil and avoid any extra ingredient in it.

Poaching also must be done correctly. In poaching, you must boil the chicken in water and then reduce the heat. Also baking in the oven might be a good option to have a healthy chicken breast in your diet.  Keep in mind that frying a chicken breast is the worst thing to do.

So the bottom line is that all the cuts of chicken are full of protein but for different purposes.  Chicken breasts are a healthy way to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass. Also to recover the cells and muscles of your body protein plays an important role. Hence, enough consumption of chicken breast will provide the protein needed for your body.

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