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Chicken Breast Crock Pot Recipes

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If you’re lazy enough to not to cook anything then this slow cooker crock pot recipe can be a blessing for you. Also, it can be a sanction for the simple food lovers as this chicken breast crock pot recipes is simpler and delicious at the same time. It is as simpler as the supper at your grandmother’s place.

Things to remember for chicken breast crock pot recipes:

There are certain things you must keep in mind before trying this healthy chicken breast crockpot recipes.

  • You must choose a good quality chicken. Not expensive but of supreme quality and that kind you’re happy with.
  • Secondly, choose the chicken pieces that fit into your utensils easily. You can use 2.5-quart crockpot for 4 to 6 chicken breasts.
  • Here is an additional tip that you can add butter or margarine to make this chicken breast crock pot recipes finger licking good. The secret behind this is chicken thighs are juicier than breasts due to fat. So, add a little bit of good fat into your chicken breast crock pot.

Boneless chicken breast crock pot recipes:

Boneless chicken works well for crock pot recipes. Chicken crock pot and gravy is a simple dish with a delicious savour with just a 5-7 minutes preparation time and 6 hours for the crockpot. Then you’ll be headed to your final warm and delightful meal. This meal will not only taste good but look extraordinary with the juicy & rich chicken breasts meat swimming in the gravy.

How to make?

You need the following for boneless chicken breast crock pot recipes:

5 to the 6-quart slow cooker is needed.

All the ingredients must be put into the crockpot directly to avoid dirty dishes.

Cook on a slow flame for about 6-7 hours.


  • For gravy add 2-3 packets of gravy mix
  • 10 ounce condensed soup cream
  • 1 ¾ cups of water
  • ½ teaspoon of black pepper
  • 2 ½ pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/3 cup of sour cream


Open and pour the gravy packets, condensed soup, water, black pepper and garlic powder. Then add boneless, skinless chicken breasts. After that cook on a low flame for 7 hours approximately. Add sour cream mix at the end and stir it for a few minutes. Your chicken breasts crock pot recipes is ready to serve now.

Nutrition facts:

As the world is getting more & more health conscious these days, nutrition facts are mandatory to mention for each dish now. Here the crockpot chicken and gravy nutrition fact says that it has 352 calories in per serving.

Frozen chicken breast crock pot recipes:

Most people visit the mall and brought frozen chicken breasts of their favourite brand. And also most of the people prefer to buy frozen meat for various reason that we’ll discuss in the next section. So here we’re also discussing the frozen chicken breasts crock pot recipes to make it easy for them.

Reasons to buy frozen meat are:

There is a sale on the frozen meat of most brands. Sometimes the large packaging of about 6.5lb of the bag contains 24 chicken breasts so it is easy to handle. Also, there is no need to thaw them before putting into the crockpot. The frozen meat is also clean and there is no further trimming needed.


A number of people are buying frozen chicken breast these days hence most of the chicken crock pot recipes are starting with the frozen chicken breasts now.  In these, you just need to add a small amount of ingredient for a delicious dinner.

So, mostly chicken breast crock pot recipes require you to have a finely shredded chicken. So, you can perfectly shred a chicken by placing the frozen breasts in the crockpot and let it cook on low flame for about 6-7 hours in ½ cup water. You can then shred the chicken using 2 forks.

Is it safe to cook frozen chicken breasts in a crock pot?

The crockpot is a convenient method in this busy world to cook delicious meals with hectic preparations. You just put all the ingredients once and then wait for few hours for a perfect meal. So basically the question is it safe to cook frozen meat directly in the crockpot or not?

Survey says that you need to thaw frozen meat before cooking. The slow cooker is slower to warm and reach a certain temperature very slowly. So, at a temperature where the bacteria kills is far away in slower cooker and keep in mind that chicken needs 165 degrees temperature to get rid of all the bacteria inside. So, thawing before cooking can make your chicken kill the bacteria soon and easily otherwise the staphylococcus might grow and thrive and can get you diarrhoea and vomiting.

So, it is suggested to put your chicken in air tight bags before putting in the fridge. And before cooking thawing in cold water is better. Change the cold water every 30 minutes and then put it into your crockpot.

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