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How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight?

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How many Calories should I eat to lose weight

How many Calories should I eat to lose weight

What is a Calorie?

The term Calorie (symbols: Cal, kcal), is well-defined as the ‘’heat energy involved in heating up 1 kg of water by one-degree Celsius’’. Calories are typically used to measure the energy content of foods and drinks. To lose weight or bulkiness, you require to eat a smaller amount of calories than your body form consumes or burns every single day.

Expert’s saying:

When we do some hard work or exercise our body consumes or burns calories. It is known that to increase weight we essentially need to eat more calories and to lose weight we must eat the slighter quantity of calories as compared to burning. And if you maintain the numbers of consuming and burning nearly equal you’ll sustain your weight. But the situation is much more complex than this. But the question can still arise in someone’s mind that how many calories should I eat to lose weight fast?

Before we acquire knowledge about the question in your mind that is ‘’how many calories should I eat to lose weight’’, let’s just talk roughly about a really worthy reason you may not want to do it.

Counting calories…!

Counting calories can become a greasy slope from mindful eating to disorder-eating. Possessing about what you eat, in addition to taking all the pleasure out of food, can lead someone to hold unhealthy habits or routines. If you have a past of disordered-eating, DO NOT do the calorie intake calculator. This might not be the fittest idea for you and you should absolutely refer to your doctor/physician. But if you find the calories calculator useful for you we can answer your question that ‘’what should I eat to lose weight’’, easily.

What is a Calorie
What is a Calorie

How many calories should I eat to lose weight?

To find ‘’how many calories you ought to be consuming in a day’’, you need to find out (roughly) how many you truly need.

For this you might go for:

  • BMI first
  • Weight lose calculator

As many websites refer to ‘’how many calories should I eat to lose weight calculator?’’ you can find it easily.

BMI (body mass index):

You can search for a BMI calculator online also. However, we also provide you with the BMI chart so you can look according to your needs for weight gain or lose.

Calories calculator:

Various calorie calculators provide assistance to find out how many calories to eat every day if you want to sustain your weight. Several even assist you to increase weight. And if you are trying to trim down, you may need a weight loss calculator. One that will answer the most important weight-loss question: “how many calories should I eat a day to lose weight?”

Calories chart:

You can refer to our calories chart to maintain, gain or lose weight. And this calories chart will answer your question: ‘’how many calories should I eat to lose weight’’.

Here it is:

AGE Calories you need (for normal persons)
  MALE                                                  FE-MALE
9-13 years 1800 1600
14-18 2200 1800
19-30 2400 2000
31-50 2200 1800
51+ 2000 1600

Never force….!

Never force yourself use a calories calculator to lose weight if it causes you plentiful stress and anxiety. It could finish the opposite and counter effects and drive you to overindulge out of frustration or totally abandon your ambition of losing weight.

Perfect combination…!

Here, on our website we want to serve you with the best knowledge. So, we make a perfect combination or mixture for your calories diet.

How many calories you should eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner to lose weight:

To catch knowledge of how you can divide your calories to accommodate your routine and schedule, here are some typical circumstances.

In this example, a lady who consumes/burns 1200 calories single-day wishes to have a few more calories in the morning because she does an early workout. She might split her calories like this:

  • Pre-workout snack: 100 calories
  • Post workout breakfast: 400 calories
  • Lunch: 300 calories
  • Dinner 300 calories
  • Snack: 100 calories

The first snack delivers a rapid burst of energy before her workout. And then the post-workout breakfast calories help to replenish her body. It’s sensible for her to ingest additional calories at breakfast because this is the time when she is most active.

Food that contains low calories; you should eat to lose weight fast:

Here we provide you with the list of foods that you can eat to consume low calories to reduce weight:

  • Oats contains 148 calories/40 gm.
  • Yogurt 130 calories/150 gm.
  • Berries 84 calories/148 gm.
  • Egg (med. Sized) 72 calories
  • Fish 70 calories/85 gm.
  • Potato (oven baked) 161 calories
  • Water-melon 46 calories/152gm. And many more.

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