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How Many Calories In A Clementine | Clementine Nutritional Value And Calorie Count

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How many calories in a clementine

How many calories in a clementine

Clementine is a hybrid between a willow leaf mandarin orange and a sweet orange so named in 1902. The exterior is of clementine is a deep orange colour with a smooth, glossy appearance. Clementine can be separated into 7 to 14 segments. It has a sweet-tangy taste as compared to other citrus fruits and is an abundant fruit of the winter season. Clementine helps you a lot to lose extra pounds because they contain very low quantities of fats and calories. Furthermore, they are succulent and they suffice the stomach when you are hungry, thus help you to quickly reduce excessive weight. Weight loss depends upon how many calories in a clementine?

How many calories in a clementine fruit

Calorie count depends upon the size of the fruit. An average size clementine weighing 2.5 ounces, contains only 35 calories, almost all of these calories are from how many calories in a clementine. Calorie count of clementine is

  • 35 calories help 145 kJ,
  • Total Fat help 0.1g,
  • Sodium 1mg 0%,
  • Total Carbs Help 8.9g or 3%,
  • Dietary Fiber help 1.3g or 5%,
  • Sugars help 6.8g,
  • Protein help 0.6g,
  • Calcium help 22.2mg,
  • Potassium 131mg
How many calories in a clementine fruit
How many calories in a clementine fruit

Health benefits of clementine:

Some fruits are power packed with a lot of nutrients it depends upon the size. Yes, size can be deceptive. Clementine is also high on nutrition value and it helps to relieve digestive disorders, improves cardiovascular health and also helps in strengthening the immune system and keep the maximum balance of electrolytes in the body

  • Beauty benefit: Vitamin C is one of the key minerals in improving and maintaining healthy skin. The anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C present in clementine help in protecting skin against sun damage that is caused by UV rays that harm the skin when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin C keeps wrinkles away and makes skin youthful .clementine not just helps you to look beautiful from outside, it also helps in repairing the damaged skin.
  • Helps to release stress: Clementine have folate and folate helps in the smooth functioning of the brain which lowers the stress levels and combating depression and makes you feel relax.
  • Immunity charger: A healthy body have a good immune system. The strong immune system means a body is ready to fight back many things that cause fatal diseases and makes the body disease resistant. The anti-oxidants that are present in it helps to protect the body against harmful diseases and helps to release energy during metabolism.
  • Calcium enabling stronger bones & Muscles: Clementine is high in calcium. The presence of calcium and phosphorous in the fruit shows that regular eating of this fruit will contribute to strong bones and muscles .which aids in smoother contraction and relaxation of body muscles.
  • Better digestion: High Fiber content helps in absorbing all the nutrients from the body and use them in a better way. The potassium helps in normalizing muscle contraction and relaxation which stimulates the better movement of food and waste. The fibre content also adds bulk to the stool and instigates better digestion.
  • Clementine oil: Clementine oil is usually used in therapies like aromatherapy in freshening moods and promoting restful sleep. This oil is often used in spas and in rejuvenation centres because of its purifying and pain relieving properties
  • The density of clementine: Clementine fruit is low-density food. Density means the relationship between the amount of food you eat and the calories you take into your body. A whole clementine contains very few calories as compared to other fruits.
  • Other Nutrients: Clementine is very high in vitamin C and calcium. A single clementine can fulfil half of your daily needs for vitamin C. clementine have very high vitamin C and is enough to satisfy almost 100% of one’s daily requirement of vitamin C in the body. A 100 gm. serving of clementine replenishes your system with large amounts of B vitamins, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Copper and several other essential nutrients.

Side effects of eating too much clementine:

  • Bowl discomfort due to the high fiber content of Clementine
  • The high acid content of Clementine can be damaging for your teeth
  • too many clementines can cause acid reflux,
  • Clementine is low in calories but eating too much clementine can cause weight gain.

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